Thursday, July 31, 2008

Example #1 of my Issues

The other day I went to order my normal coffee order: 20 oz. iced sugar free skinny vanilla latte (2 pts.).

The barista says to me, "Why are you ordering a skinny?" Shocked, I think my mouth dropped a little, I said, "Because I have to." Then she started to laugh a little...laugh!!! I was bracing myself to get pissed or defensive. What was she getting at? Can't I get a coffee without being harassed??? Then she said, "You don't need to you're so skinny, you're perfect." My first thought can she even see me? I'm sitting, buckled up, in my mini van??? Then, instead of being gracious and just saying 'thank you' I said:

Excuse #1 "Well you don't know what I looked like before."

Excuse #2 "I was almost 200 lbs. at 5'4."

Excuse #3 "I had twins just 2 1/2 years ago that stretched out my tummy, so I'm recovering from a tummy tuck."

This is why my husband says he no longer compliments me. I have a real issue with the word skinny. Skinny girls were the girls I grew up with who could eat anything they wanted and would still be 100 lbs. I would NEVER use that word to describe me. I would say I'm healthier, more fit, weigh less than before. Not Skinny. Hopefully some day I won't have such an aversion to this word. Again, I'm sure people are thinking, "Why is she complaining??? I'd LOVE to be called skinny." I used to think I would love it to. I just don't see it yet.


Kate said...

I have issues with "skinny" myself. And I found it to be really hard as I was trying to take off the last 5 or 10lbs, because I would constantly get comments about "I don't know why your trying to lose weight". Well my defense was I've already lost 15-20lbs, I want to get to goal. I could never just take it as a compliment. So I totally understand!

spunkysuzi said...

I don't take compliments from people, about wasting away or being skinn, very well either. I just can't seem to justify what they're saying in my head. And I give up trying to come up with a comeback to "your wasting away".
Now if someone says oh your looking nice, or don't you look healthy that's a whole different thing :)

CaRoLyN said...

I'm with you.
I hate the word skinny. I much prefer fit. I'd rather be the size I am because I worked by butt off to get here, I go to the gym 4 or 5times a week, I eat healthy, I like knowing that I am the one who did all that hard work to get to where I am. I'm not fit becuase I was born with good genes and can eat garabage 24/7 and still be thin. I'm fit becuase I want to be and I put in all the hard work to be this way.

You looks fantastic and welcome to the blog world! It's addictive and the support you'll find here is amazing!

Amy said...

I hate that word too. Especially the linkage between skinny and healthy. Just 'cause you're skinny, dosn't mean your healthy!

I discovered your blog through the comment your left on Jaimee's blog.

My god, my jaw dropped when I saw your after picture! You look absolutely gorgeous! Way to friggin' go... Hope you enjoyed every drop of your skinny latte! ;)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Cool that we have the same name. I was surprised it wasn't taken when I started my blog a few years ago.
Notice I haven't updated those measurenments and my true identity is not on my blog. Not sure I'd call that brave but thanks anyway.
I find it interesting that people feel the need to comment on purchases in general, my goal is to be fit not skinny. Skinny doesn't have a healthy ring to it.

new*me said...

thin or not (and you are perfect) NO ONE needs added sugar/fat in my opinion! Just my opinion though ;)

Katschi said...

Perhaps it's because 'skinny' implies that there was no effort on your part to get there. Others can't see the hard work and determination that was needed for you to achieve your goals...they just see the end result...the results you were looking for.
It's validation that you achieved what you set out to do...become thin & fit & healthy.

Chellie has Issues said...

Kate- Thank you. Just knowing I"m not alone already makes me feel better.

Suzi- Exactly! Someone has even started referring to me as thier anorexic friend. No I eat thank you very much!

Carolyn- Again thank you! No one I know gets it so I feel like a weirdo having these feelings. Thank you for giving me validation.

Amy- Yes!!! I see so many people with high metabolisms eat crap everyday. I can't be good to their insides! And yes I did enjoy my latte thank you!!! :)

Cowgirl- It's probably just the difference of the for/4. Didn't mean to steal it, but I'm glad to know other lifers out there!

New*me- The only people who need to extra fat in mile are babies and toddlers thank you very much! :)

Katschi- Thank you, I have never thought of it that way. Most of the comments are from my coworkers who watched my journey though, so I'd think they'd know I wasn't like this always.

Only 2 blogs and all fo you ladies are already helping me. Thank you all so much!!!

Kim said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! It is a real compliment that you liked the article enough to start a blog of your own. :) I hope that you get as much out of blogging as I have!!