Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 More Days

It's three more days until my first 1/2 marathon that I've been training for! What I've been fighting against this week though are sick people EVERYWHERE! I'm doomed when it comes to germs. I'm an elementary school teacher, have 3 kids, and 2 of them go to daycare!!! Since Friday, I have had someone throwing up near, around, or on me except for Tuesday (mysterious). Yes my darling duo are doing a tag team puke-a-thon, thus my absence from blogging since Friday. In fact, according to one of them last night I was only HIS mommy!!! I have been taking everything under the sun to avoid getting sick. I hope I don't keel over from toxic shock syndrome from all the herbs I'm pumping in me. I'm drinking E-mergen-C twice a day, sucking on zinc lozenges twice daily, and now added a new powder to drink called Umcka. A coworker swore by it so I'll try it. Right now I have a runny nose and a tiny sore throat, but I'm not vomiting so I'm A-OK.

Since my last blog I was off to jump into a hot bath after icing my knee. This was a HUGE mistake of gianormous proportions!!! I could actually feel my heart beating inside of my knee. Not a good feeling. I will stick to just ice for now. My knees for the most part are feeling better since I bought my new kix: Saucony ProGrid Omni 7 Moderates.

On Saturday it was a gray, misty morning. I was surprised at how vacant the trail was. Last weekend, there were tons of people, but they were running clubs. Apparently, they run a different part of the trail on alternate Saturdays. It was quiet and peaceful, but frankly I like it when the trail is busy. More witnesses if ya know what I'm saying. Anyway, I took my new water bottle, filled it with Ultima Replienisher electolyte power and water, and a pack of Strawberry Banana Gu to try. I ate 2 pieces of lite WW bread with PB2 on them before the run. I was off but my legs felt heavy. They aren't usually like that but I made my regular time. That was strange to me because I felt like I was moving slower. Go figure. As I ran, I tried taking small sips of my water. At mile 4 I went off my trail to tackle a hill. A mile long hill to be exact. A mile long hill at a 10% grade!!! Holy hell this was hard....but I never walked. I just kept on going slow and steady. At the top is where I gave myself my GU. It tasted surprisingly good. What a relief to be able to run down hill one of my miles! I was waiting for my knee to start aching, but it felt good (new shoes I tell ya)! I was able to finish my 10 miles in 93 minutes...3 minutes slower than last week, but I didn't dot he monster hill last week either. Here's my product review:

Strawberry Banana GU- Taste: good GI Issue- Tummy gurgled and churned the rest of the day

Ultima Replenisher- Taste: ack GI Issue- Instead heartburn and burbage all through my run

Mocha Clif Shot- Taste: eewwww GI issue- None

Tomorrow I'll see what the PowerBar gel tastes like. I might just Milky Way it. Good luck to my girls who read this blog and are also racing this weekend!!!


Marcy said...

I hear you about the sickness. My youngest is sick and I pray to God that I don't get sick come Sunday. GAH!

BeachRunner said...

Good luck with your knee and staying healthy.

workout mommy said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! Keep those sickie germs at bay and have an awesome run. Please let me know how it goes!

RooBabs said...

I like your little water-bottle thingie. I need to get something like that. Thanks for the reviews- good info. Oh, and that same thing happens to me where my legs feel heavy and/or I feel like I'm moving slower when actually I'm doing just find (if not better sometimes).

Congrats on the great time on your run. You'll do awesome in your race. Stay healthy!!

*aron* said...

good luck this weekend!!!!

gu makes my tummy churn too. i stick to luna moons! yummm

carla said...

how was the gel?


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