Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gentle Reminders

Having a cold right now, I get winded walking up the stairs. This reminds me of when I was overweight. Now-a-days, I can run up flights of stairs doing two at a time and not be winded. But today, it reminds me of when I struggled with stairs.
It reminds me of when I HAD to take Prevacid every day, otherwise I would have extreme acid reflux. In fact, when I ran out and wouldn't have enough to get me through the weekend, I would pay my pharmacist $5 a pill until they could reach my doctor to hold me over until Monday because nothing over the counter helped me.
It reminds me of when just walking for a half an hour made me sweat and chafe!
It reminds me of having to wear tummy sucking in underwear up to my boobs thinking I was hiding my fat.
It reminds me of needing to make the change from wearing regular clothes to plus size. I went into Victoria Secrets once to get a bra. I told them my size was 40D and they told me they don't fit my size that I needed to go to Lane Bryant. Ouch.
It reminds me of when I had to have two different sleep studies done on me. I had to be fitted for a c-pap mask to wear nightly so I would have relief from my sleep apnea. Super sexy by the way! Can you say...darth vadar?
It reminds me when I could feel the folds of fat on my back. I joke about my back fat now, this is nothing compared to the 2-3 rolls I had before.

I need these gentle reminders to help me. I have become more complacent. I have become more easily tempted by foods. I have listened too much to the late night cravings. I need to be reminded of my past so I do not repeat it!


L. said...

I am definitely relating to this blog entry. The back fat, getting out of breath climbing stairs, and the acid reflux! I had to renew my Prevacid prescription just yesterday, lol! I can't wait until the day that I too no longer need reflux meds.

new*me said...

Oh my!! I remember the chafing when I started walking 30 min a day.......I would load up with vaseline! No chafing anymore.....still not to goal but so many things have gotten better. I think we all need to remind ourselves how bad we felt "before"

carla said...

I too became SOOO complacent after I lost weight.
then it found its way back to me :)

dont be me.

Kate said...

It's often so easy to forget where we came from, and what we've accomplished, gentle reminders like this work wonders for keeping the motivation!