Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Quicky

I'd call this an "afternoon delight" but it's 9:00 PM where I live. So my hubs and I had a total BLAST acting like kids this weekend. My mom watched the boys for us, like usual. We started by riding up a 25 minute gondola to the top of a mountain.
There, we went inner tubing down 4 different tracks.

They have an escalator to take you back up the hill. Kind of a cheat. Would have been a great workout to walk back up, but you can't cause the only place to walk was the bunny hill and you'd get clobbered by the newbies. Then we went to the water park. They have 3 big rides that all take inner tubes. This was a good workout because I made sure I skipped stairs and went up them as fast as I could every time. I had to burn off my margarita and mudslide! Luckily I did 45 minutes on the StairMaster before going on this trip! Then there was this ride that simulates a wave that you can either surf or boogie board on. You know how in my last post I was worried my girls were going to fall out? Well guess of them did when I fell off the boogie board and the 35 mph water shot me to the top of the ride. I know some guys saw because every time I walked by they'd elbow each other. To tell you the truth I felt a little bad for them. I mean, at least if you get a free boobie shot it should be a nice boob. Mine now after having 3 kids and losing 70 lbs. are just skin really. I call them my tribal boobs (like in National Geographic). Nothing good to see here people. Shield your eyes in fact.

Now I know I have stretch marks and probably have no business wearing a 2 piece, but I felt good in it. So good, I'm going to show you it now:

I forgot about shoes so I had to wear my snow boots to get over to the water park!

Behind me is the ride where I lost my top. My contact got very blurry that day and I couldn't see (plus one too many drink didn't help). So here's how I looked at the end of the night with my hubs.

I am proud that though I was sore in the am and had a bit too much to drink last night, I came home and still ran my 6 miles in 55 minutes! Not bad on a hangover.

And now for the best part. If any of you are down, sad, depressed, I invite you to watch this video of my hubs. It makes me laugh until I cry. I can't get enough of it. It shows true heart and tenacity.

This video is kind of symbolic for my weight loss/health journey. At first you don't succeed, you fall on your face, butt, arse, etc, but you pick yourself up and try again!


Nicole said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing! :)

D10 said...

glad you had a blast!

POD said...

You look great in the two piece. I'd need at least four pieces to cover.
Also, thanks for the hubby laugh. That was great.

Kate said...

Aww looks like soooo much fun!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Nice wife would have doing the same to me.

Marcie said...

Oh how funny! Kudos to your hubby for letting you post that! hahaha

Also, you look AMAZING in that bikini! Way to go! =)