Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Experiences

I have only been off of work a week and a half and I have been working out like crazy! My hubs had a three day weekend and we did a lot together as a family.

Friday was supposed to be a rest day. I didn't run, but I did workout HARD. We went on a 5 mile bike ride which doesn't sound like a big deal. But when you're pulling 70 lbs. of dead weight behind you, it definitely burns the legs. My husband just discovered a new activity, well for us anyway. From what I've read they call it a "sport" but it doesn't seem like one to me. It's just really fun. It's called GeoCaching. To those of you muggles (nongeocachers), GeoCaching is where you get Satellite coordinates to a location. You can also get clues and information online before going in search for the cache. It's like a secret society/scavenger hunt/hide and seek. You find the secret spot with a compass or GPS device (my Garmin works). Once you get to the spot you have to find where the cache is hidden. Sometimes we find it, sometimes we don't. In a regular sized cache there's usually a notepad and pencil to write your name and date to kind of "claim" that you found it. Then there could be other things inside that if you like you can take, but you have to leave something in it's place. It's hard to explain, but our family had a lot of fun just trying to find these things hidden all near our own house! It made bike riding and hiking like a little adventure. We were out on our biking caching for over 4 hours! Our 8 year old is in to it! I was very proud of my hubs and I today because we were at a toga party last night. I've never been to a toga party and it was so much fun! But I have to admit, we were both really hungover. Despite our hangovers, we both ran 3 miles today PLUS the bike riding that was almost 8 miles plus all of our off trail hiking. We're trying very hard to be an active family!

Here's a pic from the toga party:


Thursday- Run 4.5 miles Friday- 6 mile bike ride Saturday- 5 miles long run

Sunday- 3 miles run + 7.8 miles bike ride

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D10 said...

When my friends parents retired they started geocaching! It gives them something to do and have fun.