Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smell Aversions

One of the downers about running outside are the smells. I don't like to smell anything when I run. Maybe I'm weird but it really bothers me. I can't even wear my own perfume when I run. It drives me crazy. On my easy run on Sunday, I was noticing a lot of smells and it makes me gag a little bit. Here a few of the smells that I smelled on my run:
  • wet grass from the rain

  • grass clippings

  • weird evergreen/poky bushes
  • car gas and exhaust

  • some food from a truck stop diner

  • then some food from a Sikh temple- strongest smell of the day

  • construction equipment

  • animal poo
I have seen some brave people on their blogs post pics of their sweaty selves after exercising. So I am too going to be brave and share with you how I look after my runs. Believe me, I know I get smelly myself while I run. I don't even like to smell that!

My sweaty belly making my shirt all wet:

My arm sweat:
My chest sweat:
Sunday- easy 3 miles in 26:15
Monday- Jillian's No More Trouble Zones DVD
Tuesday- Yasso 800's I did 7 800's and 1 400 for 7 miles in 63:55


KK @ Running Through Life said...

Sweaty pictures rock!!! When I take them, they remind me how much healthier my body is and all that I can do now!

MoraPiggy said...

Sweaty buts still very beautiful.

I feel you on the stinky stuff, but I like the smell of cut grass even while running, makes me feel good about being outside.

*Fitcetera* said...

I love the sweaty pics ... you know it!

animal poo ... well gees. no one scooped, eh? ick
I like cut grass smell but the other ones i hear ya.

Ruth Rogers said...

Lookin good. Doesn't sweating feel soo good when working out? I hate it any other time though.

Brunch at Saks said...

I just wanted to say hi and that I am new to your blog! I found you through *BitchCakes* and so happy I did because you are so inspiring! I am a runner as well and the smells while running outside are almost too much to handle sometimes! I was running in the park today and they were re-paving the parking lot so the smell of tar was making me gag!

Looking forward to reading more posts :)

carla said...

LOVE your photos.

Im such a sweater that Ive not snapped a pic yet for fear of turning my readers off----that said, I see other people's sweaty snapshots and am filled with admiration.

so perhaps next week is MY WEEK :)


D10 said...

I haven't taken any pictures of myself all nice and sweaty and with the heat and humidity down here I could fill an album with them.

Nice job on your run.