Sunday, August 2, 2009

My achy breaky body

My WHOLE body ached yesterday after my long run. My Achilles tendon, calves, quads, and knees. I was limping around the house. My husband was concerned that I won't be able make it to my marathon. I think I just need new shoes so I went and bought some. Normally I just go to my running store, they have my shoe and size on their computer, and I just get a new pair. Today, they were out. OUT! And my shoes won't be in until Friday. After how I was feeling, Friday seemed way to long to wait for new shoes. I tried on 7 pairs of shoes. I finally decided on a pair of Adidas Supernova Sequences size 11! Please, please, please let this be the reason I hurt. I am determined to do this marathon.

Another problem I had after my run yesterday was do I say this politely...runners tummy. For some reason, my belly doesn't like any runs over 10 miles. I know to not eat what I ate yesterday, but I think I am going to have to start taking Imodium before my long runs from now on. I just don't want to feel like crap after my long runs. Do any of you other runners get this way? I can't imagine you do because why would you continue to do that to yourselves?

It's the end of my 6th week and next week I'm going to be messed up. My hubs and I are going out of town for our anniversary, so I need to change my long run from Saturday to Friday. Friday is normally a rest day, so now I need to maybe make my rest day after my long run? I know it feels good to run the day after a long run to kind of loosen up the muscles, but I don't think my hubs will find it very romantic to ditch him for over 2 hours on our special weekend away. I will be taking my running shoes and Garmin with me though to get a 4 miler in at least. Any advice or suggestions are always welcomed!

Sunday- Easy 4 miler in 38 min. avg. pace 9:30


N.D. said...

I felt the same way after my long run yesterday - my whole body is sore!! I used to get that all the time w/ the runners tummy - are you having dairy the day before? I can't eat dairy 24 hours before a long run. That has helped.

HEATHER said...

ah yes my tummy ALWAYS acts up on longer runs, uggh! I have run in Adidas for years (first the Brevards and now the Supernova glides) and i LOVE them! I hope they work out for you!

Anonymous said...

No advice on the stomach, however are you tracking what you are eating before and what you are taking in during your runs that may be contributing?

Have an awesome weekend away with your husband. Happy anniversary.

Ruth Rogers said...

Awh, I hope your body feels better soon!