Saturday, August 1, 2009

Well That Sucked

I went out at 9:30 to start my long run. That apparently was too late to start running today. It's 89 degrees with 29% humidity. I tried a new food to eat before the run and I think it made things worse. It was PowerBar bites. Around mile 4 threw up a little in my mouth. By mile 6 my calves started to kill! I had to stop to stretch them out several times. By mile 8 I was already out of all my Nuun. I found a water fountain to fill my bottles up with something, but it was hot water. My whole body feels like it's seizing up right now. I literally wiped my body down with a towel like after a shower and I'm still wet and sweaty! Ack! Last weekend, great long run. This weekend, I sucked! According to the McMillian Running calculator, I ran within my long run speed. But I feel like I'm cheating because I turn my Garmin off when I stop to walk. If I kept it going, my pace would be a lot slower. Any other runners pause their Garmins when they take a walk break?

By the way, I read Jen's blog today and immediately started crying. It took my breathe away. It is one of the saddest stories I've heard. I immediately went up stairs and hugged and kissed my mom and kids. It was on my mind a lot of my run which could have also been a reason I had a hard time today. Please keep Jen and her family in your thoughts. Here's a beautiful pic of my mom (r), my late grandma (l) with one of my sons when he was 4, just to honor her:
Saturday- 12 mile long run in 1:55:47 avg. pace 9:39 :(


HEATHER said...

I don't pause, because they wouldn't pause the clock in a race. But i'm crazy competative with myself that way, haha! And I had to laugh at 29% humidity...because I'm jealous! It's 9:00 pm here, 80 degrees and 95% humidity. It's like living in a sauna!! Great job on your run today!!!

HEATHER said...

p.s and I still mean great job even though it sucked, i think people rock for sticking it out! i'm usually a big baby and I head home :(

Anonymous said...

My run today was a sweat fest too. Hope your body is feeling better. Rest up and enjoy the weekend.