Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Attention All Athletes

So since my Saturday night out with old friends, I have been going forward with my HM training. I ran 36 miles last week! Also, I did week 4 of the pushup challenge, but I need to do it again. It was the first week where I could barely finish the sets. So, since my last blog I hit a major milestone in my life. I ran my first 10 miles on Saturday! I ran it in an hour and a half. It felt like a huge accomplishment! But since I have been running 8 or more miles the last couple of weeks, my knees are starting to hurt! I have had to ice them nightly. When I'm at work, they are cracking all the time. My knees haven't acted up in years, so I'm surprised at the sudden pain I'm feeling. My race is in less than 2 weeks though, so unless I drop dead or have to have crutches, I WILL run this race. I heard I might need to replace my shoes again. I'll try it and see. I don't think I've run 500 miles yet, and my dear old hubs thinks it's BS. He said to me, "Cars weigh 2 tons and they don't need a tire change for 30,000 miles. How can you have worn out your shoes that you just bought in May?" He held them up to me and said they look brand new and he sees no holes so what's the problem? My hubs is sweet but a bit of a cheap skate. I've been trying to stretch and massage my legs to see if it helps. I've read ice baths help but that sounds H-O-R-R-I-D. Any other thoughts?

Also, I have been reading more about running and found out I better buy a running belt or handheld bottle with some Gatorade type fluids in it so I don't "hit the wall." I usually don't like to drink water while I run because I easily get side aches. When I went to my local running store this weekend, he told me I definitely NEED to be drinking and it could be what I eat before I run that gives me side cramps. So, since up until now my runs have been under an hour, I wasn't eating at all. Lately, I've been eating a Luna Nutrition for Women bar an hour before I run. I need advice. What do you runners eat before a race and how many hours prior to you eat it? I have one health condition that did not go away losing weight and that's the very embarrassing IBS. So many times when I run, I not only get pain in my side, but it jumps up to around my collar bone area and hurts enough to slow me down. I don't want to run out of energy, but I also don't want to wake up at 4 am so my body can digest my food before my 10:30 race. So..advice..eating tips...time tips...knee tips??? I'll take anything peeps. And even you nonrunners but peeps who workout...what do you eat before exercise? Thanks all!


D10 said...

Before long runs I eat a half PB sandwich and 1/2 a banana. Since the long runs have been taking place early in the morning to beat the heat I only give myself about 1/2hour from the time I eat till I leave the house for the run. Normally, I would give myself at least 1 hour.

I never drank fluids while running either. The key is to practice and take small sips at first. You'll start to become use to it.

The whole eating and drinking is trial and error. What works for one person doesn't always work for others.

Keep icing the knee and stretch!

RooBabs said...

About your shoes, you don't necessarily have to go the full 500 miles. I've read 300-500, so even though you're "light", it may be time to get new kicks. Oh, and tell your husband, it's not the tires you're replacing, but the shocks. = )

On the eating, I generally have a bowl of cereal (nthing too sugary or with too much fiber) with a banana. I make sure the chew the banana really well, so it doesn't feel heavy in my stomach. For my shorter runs, I usually end up eating right before I head out the door. But for races, it ends up being at least an hour before.

About the drinking, small sips are good (which you can do if you have it with you). You could also try mixing some type of gatorade or powerade with 1/2 water.

And depending on where you knee hurts, it could be helpful to get a support strap or brace designed for that. I know once I figured out it was my IT Band causing the problem, and I started wearing the strap above my knee, it made a HUGE difference. Now I almost never had pain there when I run.

BTW, the ice bath sounds horrible to me, too. Good luck!! Oh, and congrats on your weekly mileage!

Marcy said...

I'm with roo babs. Plain cereal (like Cheerios) and milk (1/2 hr to an hour before a long run) Anything with too much sugar might give you GI issues (ie horrible cramps and poo) Everyone is different though, so you'll probably have to experiment.

As for the kicks, I only get 300 miles out of mine. I'd be LUCKY if I could get more. In fact all of my retired kicks look brand spankin new. Running is not a cheap sport LMAO!

KK said...

Great job on the 10 miles!!!
I eat oatmeal and drink a small cup of coffee (gotta have my coffee) before my runs...about an hour to an hour and a half before. Lately I have been getting a little hungry on my long runs (10+ miles) so I have take along half of a protein bar. I also consume a supplement--I like AccelGel because it has carbs and protein!

Crystal said...

I'm like you..I don't like to drink at all when I run but I'm still in the small mileage category. My bud who runs marathons definitely would recommend drinking more.

N.D. said...

Great job on the 10 and mileage last week! Let's see - have you upped your mileage quickly to have knee flare ups? More than 10% week to week?
Shoes: 300 now since my last were at 400 and my knee problem started. Food: before a long run I'll eat either a breakfast bar like nutrigrain bar or a piece of toast with PB, and then on the drive there (to a race or long run) some sport beans. During the run, gu every 45 min and drinking water every 30 or so. You're doing great - keep it up!

N.D. said...

Oh and I always have tea too! And milk I stay away from 24 hours before - just gives me stomach issues!
D10 eats milky ways during long runs. That sounds so great!!

*aron* said...

heyyy just found your blog :)

i always eat toast with PB about an hour before long runs or a banana or both. i always drink during runs but like D10 said - small sips. i like luna moons for my during run nutrion... but make sure to test it all out before race day so you dont have stomach issues!

also... i retire my shoes around 300 miles or less. could definitely have to do with your knee pain.