Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Place Female

Boy starting school has been hectic and therefore I'm behind on my writing and reading blogs. Here's what's been happening this week. The most exciting news is that I ran a 5K today and won 1st place of all the females. It was a very small race, but there were a ton of young girls that I thought would smoke me. I finished in 26.15.27. The top overall finisher finished in 16 minutes! Are you kidding me??? That's never gonna happen here, but I'm proud of my time. Especially since the last mile was all uphill. And this is not some little low grade hill...I'm guessing this hill was at least a 7% incline and it was windy. My left knee hurts a bit either from:
A) Running down hill in a mowed wheat field.
B) Having to jump over a ditch going downhill.
C) Running up the switchbacks.

I went to my gym afterwards and soaked in the hot tub for a bit and then in the cold pool. It seems better and I hope so since I'm only at the end of week 3 in training and I can't afford any days off.

I was very frustrated that a dude who I saw stop to walk at least 3 times still beat me. I just couldn't catch him on that hill, but I did NOT stop to walk once!!! Yeah for me!!!

Let's see what else, oh , I want to add another goal for myself for September. I have an extremely hard time taking a compliment. Someone will compliment me and I somehow turn around and give myself a put down rather than take it, so my goal is to just say, "Thank you," to a compliment.

Also, I joined the Bad Boys vs. Bad Girls of Running challenge. The girls are behind so please check it out if you're getting miles in for workouts.

Wednesday- Bun & Thigh Pilates, week 2 day 2 push up challenge: 16, 13, 11, 11, 25, 2 sets of the following w/ 8 lb. weights: overhead press, bicep curls, tricep extensions, hammer curls, & bend over row.
Thursday- Run 4 miles including 5 1:00 sprints and 4 gentle pickups for 4.65 total
Friday- rest for race
Saturday- 5k Top Female Finisher WooHooo!!!!

Tomorrow I plan on a 5 mile run depending on how my knee and butt feels after today. I also have my best friends son's birthday party to go to. Maybe I can eat a small sliver of cake since I'm going to run in the am. Ya think? We'll see! My actual challenge isn't the cake usually, it's the chips that are around. I wonder if I'll ever think like a normal person when I go to functions. Most people are thankful that they don't have to cook and are getting a free meal. When I hear about buffets or free meals I panic since I'm not eating things that I'm controlling OR more importantly, I don't know the exact points on. I'm fine for indulging once and awhile, but I want to know the point value. I freak out if I don't know. Will I ever be over that? Will I ever not still be the fat girl inside? Things to ponder. For now I will just bask in my glory. Oh by the way, thank you all for recommending Body Glide for my problem. I actually have discovered I already have a product that works a bit the same. I use Aquaphor on my tummy tuck scar. It's a healing ointment and it has a vaseline type consistency and it's been great. I haven't bled at all even though it's still a newer wound.

How about any of you that struggle now or have struggled with weight in the past? Do you all get twitchy and nervous around open eating situations? Or is it just me?


BeachRunner said...

Whoo HOO! Way to go on first place. That is awesome. Congratulations.

The Happy Runner said...

Congratulations on your first place!

As for your knees, be careful on those downhills. They can really do a number on your knees.

new*me said...

Congrats to you!!!! What exciting news!!! Did you get a pic?

As far as the party goes....even though I am not to goal yet..this is how I handle social situations. A few bites of what I really guilt! A good workout before and after depending on how many things I had bites of :)

Rachel said...

Hey great job on that 5km! That's awesome.

Buffets freak me out too. I'm not a good house guest unless there is healthy food available. I've also read that if you eat a small handful of almonds it might help curb the cravings.

(I have toddlers too!)

N.D. said...

Great JOB on the 5k!! that's amazing!
I feel the same way around eating - nervous, don't want to eat badly... I go through phases where I allow myself to cheat a bit but otherwise the situations are hard. I am in such a different mindset many foods are foods that I just won't eat anymore. If I am in a different state of mind, I'll think, ok I can have a little bit of that, even though it is on my bad foods list.
Good luck! It is hard but you are doing great. I just want to make sure that I am enjoying life and not living worrying about food 24/7.

Marcy said...

OMG CONGRATS!! You smoked those chicks!! WHOOOO HOOOOO ;D ;D

Lyn said...

You are SO freaking inspiring!! Every time I come to your blog, and see you running and your before picture and then I see MY before picture and I think, "hey, I won't be running (knees) but I am SURE I can do amazing things too... look at HER!!"

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your victories!

As for the eating, I am still fat, and I am a food-basket-case, always worried I will flip out in any food situations. I hope this changes someday, but as long as I can lose the weight, I will deal with the mental games later. Good luck easing into a "normal" eating mindset!

carla said...

KUDOS TO YOU, woman!!!


Shanna said...

WOW! Congrats on the run (and not walking!!!) That is freakin' amazing!

I tend to get nervous in social gathering where food is involved. I get all confused about what to eat or what I should order...I literally start to freak out sometimes. If only the people around me could hear what was going on in my head. They would so have me committed!!! =)

But I try to plan ahead or compensate by working out longer in the gym (which I did neither of this weekend!)

seejessrun said...

That's awesome! Congrats on your win. Lose 80 Pounds said...

A HUGE congrats on taking first place! That is so awesome! =) I can't wait till I'm no longer "out of commission" and can get back to running. Stupid ankle. =(

I, too, hate "food days" at work and buffets. I almost feel like I have to eat some "bad" foods so people aren't thinking that I'm "dieting" or that I'm starving myself. It's a lifestyle change people! Eating crap like what you are got me to 220 obviously wasn't working for me! arrgghhh.... Whoa, sorry for that vent. lol

Congrats again on your race. You rock!

D10 said...

Great job. You did a fantastic job. You should be very proud of yourself.

I much rather eat what I cook. That way I know what is in it. When there is too much food around I will just pick and pick and pick. I sometimes feel guilty, but I know for the most part I eat healthy (sweets are my downfall).