Monday, December 29, 2008

Darn You Wii

OK I have been sore every day since I got my new Wii Fit. Are you kidding me? I thought I was in decent shape and this thing is kickin my butt! What I love about it is that it shows you demos of each exercise. Also, it will critique your it know is a mystery. But you can redo it until you have it right. Plus, when you work out enough on it, it will increase the reps or give you a new exercise to try. It only starts out with a few. I can see people like me don't go crazy and paralyze themselves. Yesterday, the hubs and I did balance training. I SUCK on my left side! It's really weird. The hubs is the opposite. We also tried the Yoga. OMG that is no joke. There were only 4 poses and they looked so easy. Not even close!
We did The Warrior pose,

the Tree (which I am HORRIBLE at),

the half moon,

and sun salutation. If it's a 2 footed exercise, I rock it. If it's anything on 1 the tree...forget about it!!! Then we did another set of the strength training section. The hardest move here is the pushup/plank.

Acck. I shake like I'm looking for a tip. My hubs and I had to take turns stretching each other out.

Also, I'm not the greatest cook, but I have been trying to find healthier variations to foods we love. I made my own version of a mushroom swiss burger, chicken cordon blue, and last night I tackled lasagna. I don't know how to calculate the points since I made it from a recipe but modified it. I used whole wheat noodles, extra lean ground turkey breast, low fat ricotta and mozzarella cheese, and no sugar added Ragu spaghetti sauce. I served it with whole wheat french bread with spray butter garlic salt and garlic powder. Now I believe that I am married to THE finickiest man in the world. He only eats 3 veggies (and I really don't even consider corn or potatoes real veggies). The hubs LOVED it and said he could eat it all day, every day. Success!

Today I'm trying to organize the house after the whirlwind holiday. First, I had our car dropped off to get the windows tinted as a present for the hubs. Then I did interval training on the treadmill + 15 of hill climbing for an hour total. Then, lunch for 4 boys, dishes, sorting through new clothes while removing too small clothes in kids closet, and finally lunch for me while blogging! Now I'm off to see if I can find our kitchen table!


Katschi said...

"I shake like I'm looking for a tip" ~~ LOL! I've never heard that one before.

45 min of intervals? THEN 15 min of hillclimbing? OMG!!!

BeachRunner said...

Keep on rocking that Wii, just dont HURT yourself. LOL. :)

Steve Stenzel said...

This makes me want a Wii....

Keep up the good work!!

Daniela said...

Great blog.Congratulations on your success. I just re-joined WW's today,so I'll definitely check your blog often for inspiration. Keep up the good work. Your post made me laugh..who knew yoga was so hard.

N.D. said...

The wii is fun! look out for the lunges!