Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Toys!!!

So on my last post you saw I have daddy issues. Well, luckily for me (disappointing for my kids), he was a usual no show. He had all kinds of excuses and played the victim. Do you guys have anyone in your life that has the personality that you can't reason with them because they some how distort their reality and they can't even fathom your point of view? My dad, and a few other family members, don't see reason, they don't see facts, they see only what they want to see. It's frustrating. Anyway, I escaped that meeting but still was so stressed that I drank on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Doing so, I became the statistic and gained my 2 lbs. In 2 days. Ever see the Tazmanian Devil on Bugs Bunny? That is me after I drink alcohol. Any food that I normally wouldn't touch, I eat it, devour it, destroy it. At a rapid pace as if there is no tomorrow.

So to combat this, I got a few new toys for Christmas. First, I got a Garmin 205. This thing is HUGE. I mean, it's as thick as my wrist and wider than it. It's heavy. I have dainty wrists and usually don't wear anything on them because it will fall off. So wearing this thing will be a challenge! My husband suggested I get old school wrist bands to put under it so it doesn't hurt so much. We'll see!

My second cool new toy is a Wii Fit package and a Wii Balance Board. The hubs and I LOVE this!!! You can stand on it and it will give you your weight and BMI. Then, you go through some exercises and it calculates your Wii Fit age. On wine, I was exactly my age. While sober, my Wii Fit age was 44 (I'm 35 btw)! WTF??? Anyway, you can make weight and fitness goals for yourself and it has a variety of balancing and strength training exercises. We're already sore just from doing 1 set of 5 moves yesterday! We're really excited for the Yoga portion of the game. I have a complex (from being pointed out in a class) about doing Yoga in a class, so I'm hoping I can learn some yoga moves in the privacy of my own home. Also, my son got a Raving Rabbits game that also has activities to do on the balance board like skiing. Works your core and it's so fun!!!

Another toy I got were YakTraks for running in the snow. I tried out a friends and really liked them so my mom got me some along with a gift certificate to REI. The hubs and I went shopping yesterday and I got a new pair of gloves, a coat, and pants to run in the rain and snow. Completely off the subject, they had some Iced Gingerbread Clif Bars there. They are to DIE for!!! I wish I would have known I'd like them so much or I would have gotten more than one.

So today, it took me a really long time but here's what I did to prep for my big run in the snow:
  • tank top

  • long sleeve under armour shirt

  • terry cloth sweatshirt
  • new coat that's water and wind resistant

  • wool socks

  • yoga pants

  • outdoor training pants

  • head and face mask

  • i-pod shuffle

  • shoes

  • yak traks

  • gloves
  • new Garmin (which I prayed was water resistant or I'm in trouble)

I was off. It snowed AGAIN last night, but our temp is warming up. So instead of the light fluffy snow we had before, it's now wet and heavy snow. The kind you slide around in when you try to walk. But I was determined to try it. My YakTraks said they are for walking. There is a Pro kind that said for running, so I'm not sure if I should exchange them or not. I was able to run well on the street where the plows and pavers had been. I struggled severely where it was thicker, wetter, mushier snow. Not usre if anything can help that! After about 2.5 miles, I had to ditch the gloves and terry cloth sweatshirt because I got hot fast! It was H-A-R-D to run in the snow but so fun and refreshing. I ran 4 .5 miles in 47 minutes. Any runners out there know how to post their Garmin results on their blog? I see Nike + folks be able to do it, so I wasn't sure if the Garmin can too. Anyway, it was great and I was back down 2 lbs. this morning. Two down and 8 more to go to get back down to my lowest weight. I will leave you with this pic of me in all of my gear!


Katschi said...

So I guess it was good news/bad news kinda thing, eh?
Oh, I envy you your Wii. I tried to buy one before Christmas but no luck. They fly off the shelves! Maybe in the new year.
You're a trooper to go out for a run in that weather!

N.D. said...

Great toys! those 2 pounds are going to go away RIGHT AWAY with these! The wii fit age is BS, it all has to do with balance and their tests and I don't feel like they are legit! The garmin is a great one!! and the yax trax sound like fun. Good for you! sorry your dad didn't show I guess!

carla said...

how cute are you in yer gear!!

(and yes. I say scr*w fretting about the 2 pounds as well)


Anonymous said...

You got some cool gear. Looks like you got the YaxTraxs jsut in time! I have smaller wrists too. I actually wear my garmin on the inside of my wrist. I find it more comfortable that way.

Anonymous said...

You got some amazing new toys! I also got a Garmin, but I haven't played enough to tell you about posting results.
So apparently wine makes you younger? Good news!

BeachRunner said...

You look awesome in your winter gear.