Monday, December 22, 2008

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Where I live, we've gotten hit with over 3 feet of snow in 6 days. Before the snow, it was frigidly cold temps. Like a high of 3 degrees one day plus the wind blowing making it feel like -6 out. We had two school closure days so we started our winter break early. It was really fun for the kids the first couple of days, but now it's just ridiculous. It's really light snow called champagne snow so you can't even make a decent snowman with it. If my 3 year olds tried to go into my backyard I'd never seen them again. Where the snow was drifting, it's even over my 7 year old's head. I got out of shoveling until now because my husband did it or I paid a teenager to do it for me. Today was finally my day. I had my running clothes on and warmed up on my treadmill. But then, my hubs who was home sick today, needed me to venture out in the snow for cold medicine. Therefore, I bundled up with my snow pants, wool socks, 2 pairs of gloves, boots, down jacket and i-pod to do my shoveling workout. I was sweating very quickly. I'm glad this was 'light' snow since right when I heard out the plows came by and added another two feet of snow into our driveway. Ugghh. I was OK with it though since I had finally run for 5 days last week. Even though I love to run, I am not ones of these runners I read about who freak out it they can't run. I don't wake up each morning and say, "Yeah a day to go running." Not quite. But I do like the health benefits, how it makes me feel and sweat, and how I get a good workout in a shorter amount of time. I keep thinking that I will develop this true love affair with running, but I am not there yet.

After reading KK's blog, I was inspired to write about my 'core values.' To me, the things I've learned over the past several years to help get me back on track...the taking the bull by the horns. See I have become cocky. I go to my WW meetings and see other Lifetimers that have fallen on the wagon and think, "I'm glad that's not me. I don't have any trouble with maintaining." HHAAAAA I say. I have gained 9 lbs. since my lowest weight. Now the hubs has been wanting me to gain this weight and thinks I look good. I do not. I think and feel fat. I do not feel strong. I do not feel good about myself. And to top it off, ALL of the pants I fit in in the spring are too tight. My muffin top is still here. The hubs just says to get my bigger pants back out or go buy more. Buy more??? I have already gone through at least 3 complete wardrobe size changes. He should be the last person to tell me to spend more family money on new clothes. So as of now, like many other bloggers I've been reading, I am taking control of this NOW. So, here are the things I've learned, that I need to remember and put into practice:

  1. Portion control is key- Measure whenever possible.

  2. Eat breakfast that has a combo of carbs, protein, and fiber.

  3. Track what you eat...WRITE IT DOWN.

  4. Be familiar with labels.

  5. Only eat when hungry...not when bored, stressed, mad, happy, etc.

  6. Stop eating when full.

  7. Don't eat when you're not hungry even when you're doing it to "get your points it."

  8. Plan!!! Plan daily meals, plan what you will eat when you go out, and plan what to do when you're first plan falls through.

  9. Prep your week. Keep bringing your weeks worth of lunches to school on Monday. It's time saving.

  10. Know your trigger foods and avoid them...Cheez-It's, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, brownies, certain breads, etc. Mostly carbs.

  11. Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week 30 minutes a day.

  12. Stop munching off of your children's plates.

  13. Give myself me time...usually a bubble bath during nap time.

  14. Reward self with nonfood items like pedicures, massages, or a new pair of shoes!

  15. Be HONEST with yourself.

  16. Be accountable.

  17. Eat filling snacks that are a combo or protein and carbs..not just carbs.

  18. Listen to the voice inside my head.

  19. You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight.

  20. Forgive yourself for being human.

  21. Just say no to food pushers and saboteurs.

  22. Know that just because you loose the weight doesn't mean you will have a perfect body.

  23. Enjoy not begrudge your new lifestyle!!!


carla said...

I love your core about thorough.

and yet Im gonna resist cutting and pasting (Im only half kidding :) you nailed em all) and take the time to do my own.

RooBabs said...

Shoveling snow is actually a great workout, and although it can be back-breaking when you get that heavy, slushy snow, I sort of enjoy it (it's sick, I know).

I love your list! I could have written almost every single one of those as my own (except for the stuff about kids and WW). I also have a problem with carbs, even though I know that stuff won't "satisfy" me, I eat it anyway. Right now my big problem is crackers (Triscuits, chicken in a biscuit, wheat thins, you name it).

I especially love those last few. Forgive yourself, not having a perfect body, and enjoying the new lifestyle. I think I will make a list like this. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds very cold where you are. Nice job getting ont he treadmill.

You values are great. I need to work on 5 and 6.

Happy Holidays.

BeachRunner said...

Way to go!! You have learned (and accomplished) soooo much. And I might add you have shoveled soooo much snow too. :) Don't you HATE the snow plows? Great job on the core values.

Katschi said...

Hi Chellie!!!
I'm so happy you found me again! I deleted my blog after coming back after a hiatus & lost your link & so lost track of you. I had to change the blog address, too.
I love your list! It's fantastic!
I will add you to my blogroll again & add myself to your followers list so I don't lose touch again :)

Natasha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been following yours for a few weeks and I have found a lot of inspiration from your posts. I really like your list. It reminded me of a few things that I have forgotten to pay attention to. I'm a grazer in rehab. I like the forgiving yourself. I think that's so important!