Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Golly Miss Molly

Today for conferences I had a parent bring a box of Starbucks Mocha as a gift for me. I thought it was so nice and I love coffee! Especially since I was supposed to go through ten conferences today. I was again proud of myself for not eating the cookies I bought for my families, but I did have 2 cups of the mocha. Um, I just got off the the Starbucks website, and I believe I drank a minimum of 7 points worth of coffee today! Are you kidding me???? I hate when I consume something assuming the points are reasonable and they end up being off the charts.

I was able to manage running for 3.5 miles today in about 36 minutes. Not my fastest, but pretty good considering I'm still not 100%.

I finally ordered myself a marathon stick to massage my muscles after I run. My kids are all over rubbing it up and down my back! I can't wait to try it before and after my next run.


IRJessica said...

Oh- I hate sneaky high points foods. I have some big weaknesses, and I love saving up for those yums. Sneaky high points foods are almost always the reason I eat over in a week (usually I get mad, and eat my indulgence afterwards... so I could stop doing that... nah).

Sounds great. I can't wait until my toddler goes to school. I'm definitely going to be a parent that comes bearing gifts. If my kids turn out anything like me, their teachers deserve it!

Jules said...

hhhmmmm.... I'll take yummy sneaky point coffee over cookies any day (and I'm a cookie freak!) Cookies are harder to keep track of how many I ate. You know that whole just 1 more won't hurt and then you have forgotten how many 1 more's you actually ate. :)

I'm glad to hear conferences are under way, you can have a big sigh of relief really soon! I love hearing about your runs, keeps me motivated to try and get there some day :)

carla said...

Im thankful now I like my coffee bitter and black.
(great job on the run. Im a slow and short runner still.)

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Starbucks drinks are full of calories....it is scary how many calories can be in one drink!

Congrats on the run, especially since you are not back to 100%