Monday, March 23, 2009


Holy moly I love the irony of my life. Not really. Two posts ago I was asking about what makes you stick or quit. Now I haven't quit, but my weight turned to an all time high today that I haven't seen in two years! I'm quite sure it as to do with all of the stressing I've been doing over learning new report cards and getting them ready for conferences. Not only that, my tummy still has been drooping even after my tummy tuck, so my plastic doc did a whole belly button procedure. I have stitches around the entire perimeter of my belly button and it's made it really swollen. It doesn't make it impossible to run, but very uncomfortable. To top it all off, I am sick again. It never fails. Every time it's conference time I get sick. In the fall, I had a fever and they had to reschedule 15 conferences for me. Today again, sick with runny nose and cough. Hmm what's that tell you about me? I'm a freaker that's what. A panicer. A glass is half empty-er. I flip out so much that I literally make myself sick. And when I get in this funk, what is it I tend to do more of? Munchingggggggggg. I do have to say that my NSV for the day was not eating any of the cookies I had out for my families and didn't eat one of the pastel M&M's decorating the tables in the staff room. I ran for only 8 miles last week. That doesn't help things much. I am going to try to run a small 2 miles uphill tomorrow and see how I do. I know you shouldn't run with a chest cold and my cold is right inbetween my head and chest. When I can't run, I normally like to do weights but I'm nervous I'll pop a stitch out of my belly. So I'm in limbo right now. I'm crossing my fingers that the not munching today and a short job tomorrow will drop my weight a little bit back into a realistic range for me.


IRJessica said...

Don't let the panic take over. You are my running inspiration. When your tummy is better, you'll get back to it. For now... what has made you feel serene before? Maybe remembering a trick could be useful. Good luck- feel better!

carla said...


take care of yourself and when the chest is all better THEN get back to running. you will be longing to get back and that will be a gift.

think of food as a way to heal. that the more fruits and veggies etc you consume the faster you will be back to running.


D10 said...

Hang in there. Keep eating healthy and drinking lots of fluids. Your doing great. You'll start to feel better soon.

purple_moonflower123 said...

Don't freak! It will be okay. take care of yourself and take things slowly. Some of the weight gain is probably from the procedure too, so drink plenty of fluids and continue to eat healthy. You will bounce back in no time.

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Hang in there! Your body sounds like it needs a rest! Stress and weight loss never go together, at least not for me!