Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Going on a Vacation

So it's going to be my hubby's and my 12th anniversary. We are going to Seattle for a long weekend. Usually when I travel with my husband, he's all about cheap and drive thru's so I need a plan. Hopefully, he'll be a little bit better since he has recently lost about 35 lbs. Here's my plan to stay strong:

*Pack portioned out snacks
*Bring own breakfast foods to avoid the continental breakfast waffles and pastries
*Walk as many places as possible
*Bring workout clothes and shoes to use the gym at the hotel
*Take advantage of fresh fish in Seattle
*Bring my Dining Out Companion book for just in case circumstances
*Enjoy my vacation...not worry totally about food but also not go crazy
*Try to feel sexy for myself and my husband

This should work! Wish me luck!


Kate said...

You and I are very very similar! I make lists and plans for everything!

Good luck, I'm sure you;ll do great, just don't forget the last two things on the list is the most important!

new*me said...

good plan! You are sexy! Have a great trip!

carla said...

HAVE FUN and focus on that last one the most (wink)


Shanna said...

WOW! Happy 12th!! Enjoy your vacation... I'm sure you will, you sexy thang you! {wink, wink} ;)

Katschi said...

Hope you're having a great getaway!