Saturday, August 30, 2008

Negative Nelly Trying to be Postitive

OK I'm motivated by Annette's purely positive attitude. With that in mind, here are positive changes I have made over my weight loss journey:

BEFORE: For dinner, I'd serve Noodle or Rice-a-Roni every night for a side dish
NOW: I serve brown rice or whole grain noodles occasionally for dinner

BEFORE: Ate fast food at least 4 times a week
NOW: Eat out once a week...usually Papa Murphy's Delite Hawaiian style pizza

BEFORE: Never thought about a portion or portion control
NOW: I anally measure out my food with a food scale or measuring cups...including my wine!
BEFORE: Breakfast would be Diet Dr. Pepper or Frappuccino , and pastry
NOW: Lower sugar Quaker oatmeal, Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/ nonfat milk, or on busy days a Clif Bar and fruit

BEFORE: I'd eat about 3-4 cookies for dessert without a second thought
NOW: Dessert can be fruit, yogurt, WW or Skinny Cow Fudgecicle, or sugar free pudding

BEFORE: Off and on exerciser with taking a step aerobics class here or taking walks there
NOW: Unless sick or recovery from surgery, I try to do something active at least 5 times a week

BEFORE: Ate Velveeta mac n cheese like no bodies business, and then the lower fat version came and ate twice as much since it was better for me
NOW: Mac n who?

BEFORE: On busy days, I'd be a Hamburger Helper fool
NOW: You couldn't pay me to eat that stuff

BEFORE: Drank alcohol most weekends
NOW: Occasionally/rarely drink
BEFORE: Never paid attention to food labels
NOW: Takes me twice as long to grocery shop since I'm inspecting every new label I encounter

BEFORE: Fav restaurant order: Denny's Sampler or All American Slam
NOW: Outback Steakhouse's Grill Chicken on the Barbie

BEFORE: Ate at brunch buffets for most holidays and plenty of other Sundays
NOW: We go to the park or do something as a family rather than it being about the food

BEFORE: Ate chips and french fries as if they were a know...since they're made from potatoes!
NOW: Very rarely eat either since both are trigger foods for me
BEFORE: Drank anything and everything except water
NOW: Drink at least 64 oz. plus I make sure I drink a water bottle full before I get my next cup of coffee
BEFORE: Maximum amount of workout- walk 4 miles
NOW- Can run up to 7.5 miles

BEFORE: Size 18 clothes, XL -XXL shirts
NOW: Between a 2-4, size xs-s shirts

Reflecting back I am definitely a more healthy person. I am grateful, strangely, for my health scare and infertility because it woke me up to my out of control lifestyle. Making my changes, I now have my crazy, insane, no-fear but totally worth it, twins. And believe me, they help me with having an active lifestyle.
Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!!!


N.D. said...

Great changes there!! I made similar changes in college when I had my awakening. Do you feel like part of you has changed though? I feel like I was more fun when I was not as concerned about food/working out. I am still searching for a happy medium where food/working out doesn't rule my life! Happy 3 day weekend before the start!

carla said...


TRULY IMPRESSIVE and I love how you laid it all out.

not easy by *any stretch* but DOABLE!

BeachRunner said...

Great post. What progress you have made and so many great changes. Enjoy your weekend.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I like this post a lot! I may do a similar one (I'll link to you for credit, of course) Have a great holiday!

Lyn said...

That is awesome. I love how you put it out there in detail so people can see how this is possible.

And your twins are sooo adorable :)

Tri-ing with Twins said...

Hey girl! Love the before and after list. I need to create one of those as well, it might help me to change some of my own "bad habits". Love the pic of the twins. They are too cute!!!!

My boys are so different looking, but yours look just alike. :)


new*me said...

I try to stay positive :) because negativity is just not a happy place to be! Your list is awesome!! From the sounds of it, you are sooooo THERE already! You little men are just too cute :) I know what you mean about them helping you stay active. My twin tornados are a workout every day!

RooBabs said...

What a great post! It's amazing what a little change in perspective can do. Revisiting how far we've come is a great motivation to keep going when times are rough.

I hope that school starts off okay for you. I don't remember, what grade do you teach?