Friday, August 22, 2008

Intimidation Anyone?

So as you've been reading, I'm trying to become a runner. I'm still not sure if long distance running will be for me, but I'm willing to try it to see. But I can TOTALLY see how some people don't want to try new things. New things are intimidating. New things to me make me feel stupid. I hate feeling stupid so I usually resort to not trying it rather than looking stupid. Right now I'm reading all of these runners blogs and running sites. They speak in another language that I just don't get. I called my ultra athletic sister-in-law last night for some advice and she made me feel even more overwhelmed. I always thought running was just running but it's NOT apparently. Here are some examples:

Runners usually just use their outer leg muscles and are off balance with their inner leg muscles and so I should do some downhill training or else I can get a knee injury.

Runners do either in-outs or point to points.

Tempo runs

Gentle pick ups

Recovery food

Cross training

Luckily, when I started running I didn't do any research, I just ran. If I would have read all of this 1st, I would have dropped my head in shame and continued working out to my DVD's, at home, in private, where I wouldn't feel incompetent.

Today is a rest day in my training, so I did weights instead. Here's my workout for the morning:
100 push up challenge day 1:

2 sets of 15 dips on my stairs

Then the following with my 8 lb. weights, 2 sets of each:
bent over row (thanks to Miz's blooper reel)
overhead press
alternating bicep curls
pull ups
single leg squats (oh this takes some serious balance)

1 set:
plank position tricep kick backs (again thanks Miz for the demo on the vid)
I actually worked up a sweat lifting at home. That may be a first! When you all do weights, do you at it at home or at the gym? How many days a week do you lift?


BeachRunner said...

Great job. There are many great sites to give you help on beginning a weight training program. Some people will train different body parts (or groups of body parts - i.e. upper body) on different days or you can do it all on one day.

The most important thing to remember is your muscles grow stronger during the OFF (or rest) days. So you really only need to weight train every 4 or five days or so to give the muscles ample time to recover and strengthen. You also might want to consider adding a protein supplement to your diet which is the fuel your muscles need.

carla said...

for some reason Im a gymalltheway person when it comes to weights.
I swear I could have a full weight room in my office and Id not do it.

It's the whole atmosphere there which gits me GOING.

glad the videos helped...check out Monday's as if I get organized as I plan that gonna be an exercise demo as well.

have a fantastic weekend,


(I so echo beach runner...if you want links to a past viewer mail I did on that topic email me or just search my site!)

new*me said...

I do not technically "lift" I do the "You on a Diet" workout 20 min ...3 x a week at focuses on core

and 5-7 days a week I do one of the Walk away the Pounds dvds with the weighted balls. I have seen great improvements in my muscle tone just though these two workouts

N.D. said...

Don't be intimidated or overwhelmed - just RUN!

Terri and Bob said...

Yep I work at a school! And, food is everywhere and our lunch cooks happen to do a good job!

I love that you run. I have always seen myself as a runner but I have never done it.

Marcy said...

HAHAHAHAHHHA What are weights? :P Ohhh girl I so won't even touch those babies :P I'm too wimpy.

triguyjt said...

thats a nice start for a weight program...

always get your protein many times folks slack on their protein intake...

its really important... i have discovered even more so as i have marched into my sixth decade on this humble planet
good luck

D10 said...

I was like you and just started running. I have learned a lot from others and from experience. Don't feel lost or overwhelmed, you will learn as you go. Also, what works for one person doesn't always work for the next. I have found there is a lot of trial and error in running! You are doing great keep it up.