Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation Goals Reviewed

First, I want to thank every one for the positive comments and feedback. You all are great and give me such strength and motivation. So I'm back from my trip and did the dreaded walk to my scale. I slowly placed my feet onto the scale, holding onto my windowsill for extra lightness :). I look down...and I'm up 2.6 lbs. Am I upset about this? NO! I'm actually proud, since I usually use my 35 points on the weekends, this is a typical weigh in on a Monday. How do I do on each goal?

*Pack portioned out snacks- Achieved with pretzels, apples, Clif bars, WW string cheese, and granola bars

*Bring own breakfast foods to avoid the continental breakfast waffles and pastries- Basically achieved...I didn't eat any pastries. What I bought for 2 breakfasts were fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt from Whole Foods.
*Walk as many places as possible- Achieved 7.6 miles minimum
*Bring workout clothes and shoes to use the gym at the hotel- Failed..too tired from walking everywhere
*Take advantage of fresh fish in Seattle- Achieved w/ baked Halibut
*Bring my Dining Out Companion book for just in case circumstances- Achieved, didn't have any of the restaurants we went to, but I did bring it
*Enjoy my vacation...not worry totally about food but also not go crazy- Achieved (my husband was relived I wasn't my normal obsessive self)
*Try to feel sexy for myself and my husband- Achieved (See my attempt in the photo)...skinny girls do NOT understand how lucky they are to be able to wear normal underwear. I have worn undies that reach my breasts for the last 7 years! I had a hay day shopping for a different outfit each night from Victoria Secret!
Overall it was a great trip. I believe in everything in moderation. My one regret was drinking a bit too much wine. When I have wine, all of my filters turn off. Especially when it comes to food. The minute I have a drink I want to order and eat EVERYTHING!!! But again, everything in moderation. I'm glad I have realized this about myself.


Shanna said...

WOW, Sexy mama!!! You look amazing in that pic & I absolutely LOVE that top!!!

Sounds like you had a really great time! Glad to hear it!

Kate said...

Whew, look at you...smokin!

Sounds like you did freakin fantastic! Congrats on such a successful weekend. I'm glad to see you had a great time!

Irene said...

Wow! Look at you. You look fantastic.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. hope you will visit again soon as I hope to keep looking in on you.