Saturday, January 31, 2009

Opps I Missed Yesterday

I maintained yesterday. I think it was due to my craptastic day the day before. I had a better day on Friday. Lunch at work yesterday was torture. I walked in the smell of hot, cheesy, delicious pizza. I haven't had "normal" pizza in forever and this pizza used to be my favorites when I was big. It was not good for me though (besides the obvious). When I used to eat it, I would get severe heartburn. I used to have acid reflux and had to take Prevacid everyday or I was in for a hurtin'. In fact, when I ate it while I was pregnant with my first, it would just sit in my throat. I actually would have to make myself throw up to feel better. So I never had morning sickness, just pizza sickness. Why I continued to eat it, I'll never know. Anyway, everyone at work sounded like drug dealer, "Aw come one, you can eat just one. I ate one. You look like you need one anyway. Come on just do it." I am so proud of this nonscale victory, everyone around me ate at least one piece BUT me. Not even a bite. Yeah for me!!! Here's what I did instead:

1 1/2 cup Protein Plus Special K (2 pts)
1 cup FF milk (2 pts) = 4 pts

1 cup Campbell's Select Chicken Tortilla soup (2 pts)
1 apple (2 pts)
2 tbsp PB2 (1 pt)
Handful of baby carrots (0 pts) = 5 pts

1 granola bar with protein (2 pts)
1 bag granola bites (2 pts) Can you tell I like granola?
1 WW Chai smoothie (1 pt) which has 10 grams of protein) = 5 pts

1 cup Vegetarian chili (4 pts)
1 FF hot dog (1 pt)
1 slice WW cheese (1 pt)
1 cup green beans (0 pts) = 6 pts.

1 bag of my Jolly Time 94% FF popcorn (1 pt)
1 Hershey's chocolate stick (1 pt) = 2 points

Daily total- 22 pts
Estimated Calories- 1,400

Upper body with 8 lb. weights
35 minutes Wii Fit strength

Results so far- down to 124.2!!!


spunkysuzi said...

Now that's a great NSV!!

RooBabs said...

Teach me, oh wise one. How do you resist pizza? Sheesh, I can never turn it down, even the bad, cheap stuff. I may not eat as much as if it's good, but I can't say no- just can't.

That Chai Smoothie sounds really good. And lots of protein, too.