Monday, January 26, 2009

Food Diary

Again because I love all things Miz, I will try and post my meals to see where you all can see any areas of improvement. Just for background info, I am 5'4 with a small/medium frame. According to WW, if I want to drop a few more pounds, I should be eating 20 points. They say to maintain, add 4 points. Last, they say you can get points for activity that you can use or not use. Normally, I would not use them. Perhaps I should? By the way, I've read many blogs debating the amount of activity points one can use in a day, and I've been told it's only 4! I usually workout for a total of 5 points since I run for 35 minutes (high activity for my weight = 4 pts.), and hike 15 more minutes (moderate activity 15 minutes = 1 pt.). IF I used my points, 4 is most I would normally use. So here is my menu, and I will voe right here and now to post my whole week since I'd love advice. I think I need to read more on Runner's World for suggestions of weights and days vs. my running days.

Breakfast- 1 1/2 cups Special K Protein Plus cereal (2 pts.)
1 cup fat free milk (2 pts.)
1/2 banana (1 pt.) = 5 pts.
1 cup green tea (0 pts.)
Coffee w. fat free french vanilla creamer (o pts.)
24 oz. water

Lunch- 1 cup Campbell's light select Minestrone soup (2 pts.)
1 apple (2 pts)
WW single size snack cheese (1 pt.)
**still hungry so**
1 WW string cheese (1 pt.)
Handful of baby carrots (0 pts.) = 6 pts.
24 oz water

Snack- 1 Quaker granola bar w/ protein (2 pts.)
1 bag Jolly Light 94% FF popcorn (1 pt.) = 3 pts.

Dinner- Campbell's Select Light soup (0 pts.)
Salad w/ FF 1000 island and a sprinkle of croutons (now I know you're going to tell me to have balsamic vinegar and oil but I wasn't feeling it) (2 pts.)
4 oz. turkey sausage (4 pts.)
1/2 cup green beans (0 pts.)
1 cup broccoli (0 pts.) = 6 pts.
24 oz. water

Dessert- Sugar free jello (0 pts.)
15 grams Honey Nut Rice Cakes (1 pt.) = 1 pt.

Total points- 21
Estimated Calories- 1350

Workout: 30 minutes strength training on Wii Fit (1 activity point)


carla said...


more when I can (read: Toddler up and crying since 4a. sigh.) but Id say you need more calories.
at least 1500 although I always go to 1700.

perhaps an addition of some protein before bed? nothing big even ...some string cheese?
more protein at breakfast?

new*me said...

I think that amount of calories would be okay for someone who isn't as active as you but since you are running, I think I'd have to agree with Miz, more calories, a little more protein.

Anonymous said...

I thinking keeping a food diary is very helpful.

POD said...

Have you tried the filling foods part of the WW Momentum plan? I started chowin down and dropped 8.5 lbs in the last 3 weeks. I suggest you look into those. I was counting points but FF is much easier and much more eating food in it's original state. It's working well for me.
Just a suggestion.

Kate said...

Agree with the other girls, a little more calories! Perhaps a little more protein!