Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thank You Bloggers!

Thanks to my faithful readers, I may have found a relief to my belly pain. Katschi suggested I check my food labels for the ingredient inulin or chicory root. By golly, that ingredient is in my Clif and Luna Bars as well as a few Zone bars and my Fiber One bars. I always thought it was the extra fiber in my bars...but me thinks it's this weird ingredient. I did not have my usual Clif or Luna Bar this morning and my tummy is MUCH better. If anyone else know of any food ingredient that gives tummy problems, PLEASE let me know. I guess this is just another reason of why I should be eating clean. That ingredient is in processed foods. And here I thought since Clif Bars were 70% organic they were good for me. Well, I do have a weak tummy so I am an exception.

As I'm sitting here, I just calculated how many weeks until my next 1/2 marathon: 19. Now my hubs doesn't want me to sign up for it yet though because we've been invited to a family reunion in Atlanta in that month but we don't have the date yet. That will be a completely different blog, but I have found at least 5 other races from March until May that I am going to sign up for. I can't believe still that I am this person. This person who not only wants to run, but race, and do really well at races. Whatever lady. This from the person who thought running was for either A) chumps or B) super athletes. I didn't see myself in either of the 2 categories and still am not but I'm trying and having a lot of fun doing it. I tell my students that all the time. I used to think I'd HATE running. I didn't even want to try. Then one day I tried it and I still didn't like it. I tried it a few more times and really liked it. I liked that it made me sweat, made me feel my heart a beating, and made me feel like I was getting stronger. I will hear them say to each other or other teachers that same story. My running story. I hope they remember and apply it to their life.

So here are my workouts since my last blog:
Saturday- Hill work walking and running 4-10 inclines 5 miles 65 min.
Sunday- Ran 5.07 miles in 45 minutes + 1 hour Wii Fit strength training and yoga (I'm probably going to regret this in the morning)


Cyd said...

I just found your blog and I am so excited! Your transformation is incredible...I can't wait to keep tabs on what you're up to. I can't even fathom running a marathon, or hell, a 5K for that matter!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to check some of the things I eat for inulin or chicory too. I really need to become more aware of what I am putting in my body.

Kate said...

You know, just like you, I thought I would HATE running, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, nor would I be good at it. But I've learned I just love running, and I've learned the best part of running, your only competing against yourself!

BeachRunner said...

You aren't a chump or a super athelete. You are a RUNNER!

Enjoy those races, keep on running and way to go!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Never heard that, but I know I do much better when I stick with natural and not all the processed stuff.

I'll have to look at a few WW products today at the center;)

RooBabs said...

Very good info about the chicory root/inulin. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled, because I do tend to have the gassy issues from stuff like that.

You're kicking trash on your workouts lately- keep it up (just don't burn out). You'll be one lean, mean, fat-burning machine in no time with all that strength training. = )

new*me said...

very interesting! I learn something new daily from all of you ;)

POD said...

I'm sure glad that you found out what was eating your gut. There certainly are some nastyass ingredients in processed foods.

SuperDave said...

Isn't it funny when you start running for the first couple times, It sucks!
Gets so much better though.. If only others wouldn't drop out before it does!
I'l be doing my first 1/2 this year, which one are you doing?

136 by 36 said...

I've read that wheat/cereals (except for corn and rice) and dairy can cause problems. I've been told that both are difficult to digest for a lot of people. Keep up the good work, you are such a motivation!

Dando said...

I just came across your blog. I am so impressed with your accomplishments. Thanks for being such a great inspiration. I look forward to following your progress.