Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Food Journal

1 1/2 cups Protein Plus Special K (2 pts.)
1 cup Fat Free milk (2 pts.) ** Strangely, I am more full when I have this cereal with 2% milk, why is that?**
1 banana (2 pts.) = 6 pts.

1 cup Chicken Tortilla Campbell's Select soup (2 pts.)
1 apple (2 pts.)
1 WW string cheese (1 pt.)
1 tbsp PB2 (1 pt.)
Handful of carrots (0 pts.) = 6 pts.

1 Granola Bar w/ Protein (2 pts)
1 bag Steamers veggies (0 pts.)
1 EAS Protein drink (2 pts.) = 4 pts.

4 oz. lean eye of round steak (3 pts.)
5 oz. baked potato (2 pts.)
Spray butter (0 pts.)
Fat free sour cream (0 pts.)
1 cup green beans (0 pts.)
1 cup Campbell's Select Light Noodle Soup (0 pts.) = 5 pts.

1 bag Jolly Time 94% Fat free popcorn (1 pt.)
2 Hershey's Light chocolate sticks (2 pts.) = 3 pts.

Daily Total = 24 points
Estimated Calories = 1,400

Today's Workout:
5 min. warm up
35 minutes alternating 1 minute sprints with 2 minutes recovery
5 min cool down = 4 activity points


loseweightnowegould said...

I like the food journal

new*me said...

good job on keeping up with it :)!

RooBabs said...

Just a quick comment about the milk and cereal. I think you might feel more full from the 2% milk, because the fat in it slows digestion. I almost never have completely fat free milk with breakfast, usually just light soymilk or 1%, with 2-2.5 grams of fat.

Plus, maybe it has more flavor, so you feel more satiated. But that's just a guess.

Your food journal looks great, but I don't know how you can eat so much soup. We've eaten it several days lately, and I am starting to go crazy. But I love the new Select Harvest soups. I bought a ton of them when they were on sale a few weeks back (hence the soup OD, LOL).