Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stressing and Releasing

This morning I wanted to pick my scale up and throw it out the window. Up another pound..again. Are you f*%#ing kidding me??? GGGrrrrrrr. I cut my calories to 24 points (about 1400 calories) and worked out again yesterday. I will be cutting to 1200 calories the rest of the week (22 points). On a positive note, I went back to work finally today. I was mad at myself at first for not getting up at 5 AM to run. When you're up past 11, it's hard to want to run so early in AM. But, I did come home and did 4.2 miles on the treadmill! I usually never run in the afternoon because it hurts my tummy, but I was A-OK today.

Where I live there has been so much snow that roofs are caving in from the weight. They say if you have a flat roof, you need to shovel it if it has more than 3 feet of snow. When my son and I pulled up to the school this morning, I could clearly see my roof had not been shoveled and there's about 3 feet of snow on top of it. I went right into the office and told my principal that I didn't want to sound like a baby, but I had concerns about my roof. She said that engineers were out yesterday (this is why school was cancelled again yesterday) and found all the schools to be structurally sound BUT at full capacity for the amount of snow. So I walked to my classroom. Funny thing with boys. My son walked into my classroom, got a drink of water, and left to go stand outside. He never noticed a thing. He had to have stepped on or near water but nope..didn't see it. I on the other hand walked into my classroom and immediately knew there was a problem. I dropped my things and ran back to the office to get my principal. There was water from one wall to the other of my floor. It was contained to an area though that didn't have a lot of things to ruin. As quickly as I could, I started grabbing my books and taking them to another room. I have spent thousands of dollars (I'm not kidding) on children's books. They are my biggest priority and investment. I grabbed 6th graders, kids from my class, parents, anyone I could and had them start emptying my room. There was a large water bulge coming from the ceiling. They popped it and now I have a large hole in there. I will be teaching in another room again tomorrow so they can test if we'd be breathing in any toxins from the roof (my school is having its 100th anniversary this spring). Normally, I would stress about this and freak. As long as I got my books and laptop out of there I was fine. No of my kids or I got hurt, so no harm no foul. It could have been so much worse! I just went with the flow. That is so not like me. Maybe there's hope for me yet!


carla said...


kudos to you for doing the 4.2 in the afternoon.

(Id SO not be able to get up at the crack of dawn to work out were I up until 11 either)

Anonymous said...

Hope they fix the problem inyour classroom. Glad to hear none of your books got ruined.

Rachel said...

Hi Chellie - thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you did, because I didn't remember where I'd found your site, but now I've added you to my blogroll :)

I'd really love to get into running - right now I'm just kind of walking/jogging in the park on Sundays. Did you follow any set program when you started?

Sorry about your room! My worst fear about my room is also my HUGE children's book investment (mostly used from ebay).

I think I'm paranoid because the school I'm at had a fire the year before I started (2 years ago) and the building we're in now is OLD and formerly (I hope, formerly) condemned. Ick. Anyway - great attitude! Hope you have a fun day at school.

BeachRunner said...

Good luck with your room. Glad to hear the damage was contained.

Marcie said...

Glad to hear you were able to get your books and computer out. Hopefully they have your room fixed soon. Way to stay calm, too! =)

RooBabs said...

Great job for getting in an afternoon workout!

Wow, good save on your classroom. That would freak me out. Hopefully the problem is fixed soon, so you can get back to a regular routine.